I am the Lord of the Dance!

Well, I am not, but Michael Flatley certainly is.

For years, throughout my childhood those feet tip tapping away and lightening speed mesmorised me. I was an easily pleased child, you wanted me out of the way? give me a Disney VHS, Riverdance and Lord of Dance. Done. You’ll find me two hours later irish dancing my way round the living room.

I was lucky enough to see Riverdance on tour in 1996, Celtic Tiger in 2006, Lord of the Dance in 2012 so it’s safe to stay that this child grew up to be an equally as mesmorised adult.

Saturday came along and I excitedly trundled to London for a day of shopping, sightseeing and an evening of electrifying dancing. Two years on from my last venture, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games nicely filled the irish dance gap in my life.

Now, before I get underway, you’ll be quite possibly disappointed to learn that Michael Flatley is only in the last ten minutes of the show, 3 of them being a hologram of himself dancing the famous “Feet of Flames” routine. His protege, James Keegan is an accomplished dancer with an astonishing talent, almost giving the original Lord of the Dance a run for his money. The two understudies, who are in the troop, are outstanding, proving their worth as future LOTD.

The main crux of the story is good vs evil, how the dark lord (played ever so well by the talented Tom Cullingham) must be stopped from taking over Ireland. It’s a fairy tale, effectively, with a little spirit, a goddess and good and evil being represented by blonde and brunette dancers. With all good stories, there is a love element, the evil devil girl vs the angelic protagonist.

Dangerous Games focuses more on the good vs evil storyline so the love storyline gets lost within it. Which is a shame, as some of my favourite dances from the original show were missing in this remake. What is good, is that you get to see a lot more of the evil side of things, which, in my opinion have the most intricate steps. I felt slightly cheated by the lack of love story though as I felt the female dancers were somewhat wasted.

It was a spectacle for the short time you’re sat in the theatre. 2 hours exactly, with interval is the show time and from start to end it’s fast paced and entertaining. It’s worth the £43 ticket price on entertainment value alone, despite the fact you’re leaving as soon as you sit down. It’s a crowd pleaser, especially when Mr Flatley appears on stage. From that moment, the crowd are on their feet. I was on my feet!

But…no matter how much I love it and how many times I see it, I will always find it amusing that, technically, what the two men are fighting over is a glittery belt with the title “Lord of the Dance”on. Always amusing.

Go see, I’ve Riverdance in a month!

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