To the Spa!

Annnnnnd relax.

The best thing about old friends is picking up where you left off, it’s like there isn’t a million miles between you and you could go weeks without even uttering an hello to one another, but as soon as you’re all within the vicinity, well it all gets a bit silly really.

This weekend, after a brief soiree in Woking, we ventured away to the wilds of Windsor Great Park to the Savil Court Hotel, a plush hotel situated in the middle of rather impressive woodland for a few days “spaaing” (that’s a word)

“To spa” to us, also meant “to adult” and in full “adulting” so us grown ups, checked in, ooed and ahhed over the pretty room and changed into our spa wear and naturally cracked open a bottle of champagne, because, champagne.

champagne - Copy

We swam, steamed and saunaed to our hearts content before heading back for a lazy session of getting ready and drinking an entire bottle of prosecco before dinner. Because that’s what adults do. (NB: Adults do not enter a pool with flotation devices and pretend they are telescopes or mobile phones….because that is a really immature thing to do…ahem)

Luckily, being adults, the facilities had done wonder to our complexions and we left the room, late, a little bit drunk but looking a lot like fully functioning adults heading to a really smart and nice restaurant.

girls2 girls1

Who, in turn actually scrub up pretty alright!!

The food at the Savil Court is in a word, amazing. Much like how the location and hotel makes for a nice retreat, the food completes the experience. Our spa break was a bargain at £69 per person, including the room, treatment,  dinner and breakfast. The dinner was a glorious 3 course affair with a extensive menu, so there was a lot to chose from. Whilst Jen and Estelle opted for Goats Cheese Souffle to start, I had the duck terrain. Jen had the catch of the day for a main and me and Stelly had butternut squash lasagne and it was to die for.


Although rather full, pudding was of course an option. The point being we were all choosing something we liked and all sharing, but when it came to it, we all liked ours too much to share, so we gave very small portions of our desserts to one another! Like very unselfish adults. I had the cinnamon, apple and sultana pie, Jenny had the apricot and whisky sponge and Estelle had the cheese board. The one thing that wasn’t included in the meal was wine. But that did not stop us sinking down a nice white with our meals.

After that however, we cracked another bottle and were in our pjs at 9:45 talking until the small hours and acting completely un-adult like, because at heart we’re all still the 18/9 year olds who met at Uni 7 whole years ago!

The next day, suprisingly was hungover free and we all ambled down to the restaurant in preperation for a breakfast feast. Which wasn’t disappointing. Pastries, fruit, cheese, meats and cereal were set up for you to choose from, surrounded by a few choices of juice. Just behind us was a holy grail of breakfast time: hot plates full of eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, everything you could need and want for a breakfast feast!

One cooked breakfast and a bowl of granola later and we were ready to spa.

Our treatments were booked for mid morning on Sunday and we all had head, neck and shoulder massages for 25 minutes. Having never experienced one of these before, I had to really suppress my need to giggle. But it was super relaxing. Even if my cotton pads on my eyes kept coming off.

Definitely would go again.

After some more hot tub time (there is never enough in this world) we begrudgingly got showered and changed and headed back to the outside world and reality, which was probably the most adult thing we did all weekend if I am honest. Via Costa, of course, because the M25 cannot be defeated without a Hazelnut Soya Latte…..

hotel - Copy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moritz says:

    Seems like you had an awesome day. The food does also look amazing.

    1. Thanks, it was a lovely weekend and the food was PHENOMENAL!!!

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