Homemade Beauty Gifts

i must apologise for the severe lack of posts, my new years resolution is to focus on the blog more and with more adventures planned, it would make sense to document them a lot more.

The month of December has just completely wizzed past, it feels like Christmas came and went by in a blur of Baileys, chocolate and a million turkey sandwiches. The cheese is all that remains and that’s only because we bought enough to stock the entire South West.

In the lead up to Christmas, I focused on making hampers as gifts and this year decided to branch out into making some beauty products to include in them and to give out as gifts. I really liked the idea of a nice scrub as they can be so expensive to buy and an endless search through many a Pinterest board brought me to the conclusion of a simpe Vanilla body scrub and an edible peppermint lip scrub. As well as some bath salts to take the strains away from a busy day.

Vanilla is one of those all round flavours that the majority of people love and I found it’s really simple to create a delicious smelling products using items you find in the kitchen!

To make the scrub you will need:

  • olive oil
  • granulated sugar
  • vanilla extract.
  • Kilner or any other type of jar

I also added some vanilla sugar as well to add some more flavour and texture.

Depending on how big your container is will depend on how much you add of all the ingredients. I would advise to add the oil bit by bit to get a texture you like as it’s easy to drown the sugar and the mixture can get a little sloppy. I would mix the sugar and oil together then add a tablespoon of the vanilla extract, if you wish to make it more vanilla-ey (that’s a word) you can alway add more. Mix it all up and you are left with a yummy smelling scrub which makes your skin incredibly soft – believe it or not!


Pop your scrub into a jar and make it as pretty as you like! If you are making this in bulk, its worth having two bags of sugar and two bottles of olive oil to make the quantity bigger, muggins here had to run to the shop midway through for sugar!

IMG_4346 IMG_4199 IMG_4197

For the lip scrub, I wanted to go for something that was tasty on the lips that you can lick off, so I added coconut oil and just a smidge of olive oil for moisture. You will need:

  • A smidge of olive oil (however you rate a smidge)
  • Coconut Oil – which is mega expensive, but I found this in Savers of all places for £1! and it’s pretty legit, I checked.
  • Peppermint extract
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Little tubs

The same process as the sugar scrubs, but only make enough for your small pot, I managed to find these in Sainsburys for £1.50 for 6 in the food storage department.

Add a tablespoon of sugar to a hefty tablespoon of coconut oil and mix together, add a drop or two of the olive oil and tablespoon of peppermint extract. Mix all the ingredients together and pop into the pots.

The great thing about the coconut oil combined with the peppermint is that it doesn’t taste as harsh as the olive oil – so you can easily place this on your lips to get rid of chapped skin and lick it off! It’s delicious.


I added some stickers to make the pots more festive, I would, however wipe all the jars and pots down as the oil is greasy and can make it rather awkward to pick things up!

Additionally, I also purchased some epsom salts (about £2/£3 from Boots) and some essential oil for about £1.99 on Amazon. I chose orange as it was a bright, fresh and invigorating flavour and simply added 10 drops to the salts and mixed together. The smell was amazing. Whoever uses these in the bath will be awakened! You can use any flavour though.

So there we have it, inexpensive gifts with that homemade touch. Hopefully next year I can make these bigger and better!


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