Slow Cooked Cranberry Sauce

Everyone knows that during Christmas, or any roast dinner occasion, that cranberry sauce – if you like it – is a must when you pair it with turkey. We all love the shop bought stuff, but in the season of goodwill and giving and winter is the time to bust out the legendary slow cooker, it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

Fresh cranberry sauce is a nice way to add some extra flavour to the meal, as you can tweak it with whatever flavours you want to make it your own, you know? Who wants to have cranberry sauce like everyone else anyways? I don’t.

I took the base of the recipe from here: I seriously cannot crush on Pinterest more, the sneaky time wasting dreamboat of a website that’s just full of everything I just need to know. Like, how to make slow cooked cranberry sauce.

To start, spray some oil into your slow cooker, I rubbed some olive oil into mine and add some fresh cranberries. Fresh cranberries, if you can get them, are definitely the best thing to use in this. If you can’t, then defrosted frozen ones will be just as good. Add some soft brown sugar – as much or as little as you like – dependent on how tart you like your sauce and the juice and zest of one orange.


It should look something like this, add some water and if you’re feeling super decadent add some red wine vinegar and some port. You don’t have to add an alcoholic extra in it, but as it Christmas, why the devil not. Mix all together


Leave to bubble away on a low heat for a few hours and taste test to see whether you need more sugar or not added as it quickly dissolves. I forgot to take a photo of the finished product, but once you are happy, spoon it into the jars and wait for Christmas to debut your wonderful homemade sauce! I made three jars and kept one for us and then gave one to my sister and another to a friend, both informed me that it went down a storm Christmas Day!

The sauce is also a great turkey sandwich accompaniment a few days later!


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