2014, where did you go?!

This year has practically whizzed by in a flash. I remember being sat in the same place last year writing a reflection on 2013 and now I’ve blinked and I have done it again! This year I resolved to do things because I wanted to and to say yes more, this has and hasn’t happened. I did, however, start taking care of myself more by going to the gym, swimming and doing some yoga classes. I started to eat a little better and drink more water. I remember the days and nights more when I got up and did something rather than the ones that I sat there stuffing my face with cheese and watched Strictly. Which shows some “saying yes” signs, right? Right? I did read more, use my cinema card more (ish) and watch more films – all of which I will carry over into 2015.

But before we can clink those glasses of fizz, wish each other a slurred new years greeting and throw yourself into celebrations tonight, I want to look back at the good times 2014 brought me.

January – March saw me see Russell Howard at a small pre tour show in Bristol, my friend Danni announce her pregnancy, we threw an afternoon tea party for our then pregnant friend Louise’s birthday, the first of me and my best friends “monthly dates” (which went so awry at the year ended… ) having a girly sleepover, a trip to Reading in early February to see my Uni girls and be surprised by my friend Nick, a trip to Hogwarts at the Harry Potter tour, a 5 day adventure around Bavaria in Germany including eating the worlds biggest pizza,  two of my best friends also got engaged in February. A Mexican night in March, the warm weather brought early springtime walks and the discovery of collection of man made lakes behind my house! my friend Jess got her new job in London, and me and my best friend and her sister  ventured out to Bath for an evening of food and cocktails and just 5 days later, my best friend got engaged in Paris!

Not bad for three months.


Russell Howard, Tea partying, sleepover, uni reunion, Harry Potter Studios, worlds largest pizza in Nuremberg, Mexican night, lakes, Bath cocktails.

Highlights from April – June include; a Mother’s Day, day out in Bath followed by a day out in Windsor with both my parents and the discovery of the amazing Bills restaurant. Remember my pregnant friend, Louise who had the birthday tea party? well we threw her a baby shower on a similar theme. A trip to London to take pictures on behalf of my friends company for a showcase of which we had the huge privilege and honour to work with the producer, writers and performer again on later in the year, a weekend to Surrey for my lovely friend Estelle’s birthday garden party and of course, Easter which saw me have a lovely, long, lazy weekend in Suffolk with family. In fact – April was a time to not see me in Swindon! The month ended on the birth of the gorgeous Peyton. May brought another trip to Bath (theres a city theme here in 2014) for a birthday themed uni reunion of my uni friends, Eat Drink Bristol Fashion came back to Briz in all it’s teepeed goodness and we trooped there for some amazing tapas one lunchtime, long weekends saw BBQ fun, trips to farmers markets, school friends coming to visit and rather damp day trips to Oxford. June brought, shock, horror ANOTHER day trip to Bath with my uni friend, Estelle and our mothers for afternoon tea, my beautiful niece turned 5, the weather turned warmer and strawberry picked commenced! pub gardens featured heavily, as did many a pint of cider and a ploughmans, a trip to A&E with a crushed toe and a week on crutches!


Bath day with Mum, baby shower, weekend in Suffolk, afternoon tea in Bath, BBQ, Tapas in a teepee, many a pub garden scene, the toe crushing incident, strawberries

July-September included the best day of my life seeing the Backstreet Boys live, supporting McBusted, who were equally as awesome, trips to the races at Sandown Park, punting in Oxford, Air Tattoo weekend, a gorgeous weekend away in Devon with my Mum and niece, concluding in the mammoth climb up the Glastonbury Tor. A successful work summer party event, seeing me get on stage and rocking with the band! a day out at Go Ape, which was a day of me crying my eyes out on a metal rope, my Mother’s 60th birthday, a distinct lack of blogging anything, an early birthday night out in, you guessed it, Bath with tapas for 13 people – which was EPIC. My 26th birthday and the small matter of me flying to California for two weeks to stay in Los Angeles and San Francisco – where I watched Purple rain in a cemetery, was serenaded by a drag queen on my actual birthday, saw a quaint Danish village, won $224 in a casino on a Sunday morning, went to Alcatraz, rode a cable car, climbed a tower, saw Universal Studios and went to the zoo.


Mum and Dad at Sandown Races, the Backstreet Boys, punting in Oxford, Glastonbury Tor, Going Ape and crying, being a rockstar, eating all the tapas, some amazing friends, the birthday girl on her 60th


Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ventura/Oxnard Beach, Sunshine and Ken on my birthday in West Hollywood, Purple Rain in Hollywood Forever Cematary, riding bikes along Venice and Santa Monica, Hollywood sign, Alcatraz, Universal Studios, San Francisco

October-December saw me sleep out for the evening to raise awareness for homeless children, a trip to see Lord of the Dance, a spa weekend, saw the Tower of London poppies, undertook the Lovetober instagram challenge and threw a Halloween party. November saw the start of Christmas prep, and a trip to see Riverdance and December saw another successful work Christmas party, a trip to the Bath (shock), Bristol and London Southbank Christmas markets, a trip to Newport, seeing £350 being paid for a signed photo of Tom Jones (I will never, ever, get over that) cocktail masterclasses and a low key, but extremely fun Christmas with family and friends.


Byte Night sleep out, the poppies at the Tower of London, Spa weekend in Windsor, Halloween, Peach and Vanilla Jam, Riverdance, me and Mum in London, my Disney family, my actual family on Christmas Day.

Well… a quiet end to a busy year, I have had a lot of fun and have come out of it very positive! I’m excited for next years adventures, maybe not so much in Bath though! I also promise to blog more. Much more.

Cheers to 2015, 2014 – I tip my hat to you 🙂

Happy New Year and a huge thank you to everyone who has read and supported my blog this year (Mum, Hayley and Stewart – you guys are amazing) I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2015.

I leave you with one of the most prominent songs of 2014 for me, having had it stuck in my head for two weeks straight following the Purple rain screening. It’s a hoot!

and, one of my stand out songs for me this year.



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