DIY Jewellery Box

IKEA is a wonderful thing isn’t it? you can go in there with one object in mind; “I really need that…. wardrobe/desk/chair/sofa/bed (delete as necessary) and a vague-ish idea of a small project you might want to do on the side; “I think the chest of drawers in the hallway will benefit from new drawer knobs/a lick of paint/this plant/draw dividers/3000 tealights”. Unfortunately, neither of these things will go to plan once you enter those double doors, enter the restaurant, gorge yourself silly on meatballs, grab your yellow bag and actually get going.

2 plants (where will I put these? I already have one, I don’t need 3), a new blanket (to go with the other 5 I have, oh but it’s knitted and £10.” a container (nope, me neither) and a new duvet cover later (it has a STAG on) I found myself in the bargain bin, casually thinking of where I could put the slightly damaged bookcase that’s £38 – the answer being, nowhere. I stumbled, well – heard across a nice little box with drawers, heard because the shop assistant dropped it on the floor 4 times. Oh well, another mans trash is another mans treasure.. or something along those lines. I had been looking to rehome my jewellery and nail polish for a while and thought this was perfect to store everything in.

I snapped it up, mainly to stop the guy throwing it on the floor for a 6th time and hot tailed it out of there, 3 hours of swedish furniture is quite enough for a Friday evening.

So I turned a rather plain box into a work of art – if I do say so myself – nothing a bit of brightening up can’t fix!


To transform this, I bought some match pots in my favourite colour and bought a different shade for the inside of the drawers for an extra “pop” of colour. The match pots have a brush already, but I would definitely purchase a brush that doesn’t have bristles falling out for a smoother finish.



Colour at the in the middle! I love a good colour contrast, the choices are limitless. I was originally going to have a deep purple, but am happy with my bright, happy coral.

Eventually, after a morning of painting many a layer until all my paint ran out (I would recommend 4 match points for your main colour and 2 for the inside of the drawers, I just about had enough) and a trip to Waitrose later…

et viola. I was going to sand the box down to give it a shabby chic look, but I found the bright teal colour looking quite nice in my black bookshelf.

IMG_0105 IMG_0103

I decided to go one step further, because… I let my mind run away with me really, I had some wadding and material spare from the craft trolley project a few years back and hadn’t found a reason to use it. The bottoms of the drawers weren’t painted so I nabbed the three from the top and stitched the material to the wadding and placed them at the bottoms.

IMG_0107 IMG_0108

going that extra step, I thought of a clever way to never lose earrings!


So there we have it, a DIY jewellery box for under £20. Money well spent and a brilliant chance to craft and of course the perfect excuse to organise.

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  1. Love this! Such a fun and creative idea too xx

    1. Thanks love! it was a fun way to spend a rainy morning! xx

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