Dinner Parties

Sometimes I wonder if being in your twenties is just as awkward as being a teenager.Your mid-twenties is that awkward stage where half your friends are about to marry off and reproduce enough babies to have a small army and the other half are so hungover they don’t know what day it is. I’m in the middle of this balance, being happy for my friends for their new chapters, whilst downing wine by the bottle trying to work out what it is I want to do with my life!

One of my new years resolutions was to cook more, so far I’ve managed to bake up a storm, but cooking isn’t something I get the chance to do. So I decided to invite two of my best friends over and force feed them my cooking.

I recently bought a low carb cookbook, I have no real interest in cutting down on carbs, bread is my friend. I bought it because of one recipe that caught my eye; salt and pepper duck.

My dinner party menu was created around this recipe, I scoured pinterest and all my cookery books to find the perfect accompaniment but realised that keeping it simple would be the most effective way to present things.

My menu was this;

Bucks fizz on arrival
Strawberry Daiquiris and Barcardi and diet coke as a starter – yes a cocktail starter, just because!
Roasted Salt and Pepper Duck served with steamed spring greens and potato dauphinoise
Homemade no churn salted caramel and dark chocolate ice cream with homemade crunchy ginger oat biscuits and salted caramel sauce.

To ensure everyone fitted into my small flat, I completely moved the living room around and made the table a centrepiece, adding fresh flowers, a glitzy table runner, fairy lights (they broke. ugh) candles and a smart tray to serve my drinks from.

The duck was pretty easy, once you get over the whole raw meat thing, rubbing it with salt and pepper and turning it into a sideways vase with sage, thyme and rosemary poking out – you place it into the oven for 2 and a half hours until golden and crisp.



The dauphinoise was sliced potatoes layered and seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with gruyere and parmesan cheeses and double cream. Baked for an hour.


I’ll be blogging the dessert later this week 🙂


the lovely starter


the main




We rounded the evening with proper adult dinner conversations, the economy, politics, religion and our lives.

I’m so pleased that everyone enjoyed it and it’s definitely the nicest way to spend a weekend! my food bill wasn’t so expensive – £20 overall, if someone brings you the wine as a gift – then it’s cheaper, but if you’re at a loss at what to do at a weekend and want to get creative in the kitchen, a dinner party is the perfect way to spend time with your friends!

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  1. stellington says:

    I recognise those napkins 😉

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