Kaspas Desserts

So we’re on a bit of a dessert themed week over here!

Kaspas seems to be Swindon’s new attraction for places to hang out for the “youths” and families. My friend Louise, wanted to go for her birthday and so we all trundled along last Friday, half of us never experiencing it and half of us visiting again. The reviews are mixed and if I am totally honest, I’m not sure where I stand either.

Friday nights seem to be super busy in the restaurant, a place where hot pink walls meet black glittered poles and flooring and the entire place smells of icing sugar. Be prepared to queue, queue for a table, queue to order and go with an appetite. Whilst the desserts are worth waiting for (especially the waffles) you need to be hungry in order to appreciate them. We queued for over half an hour just to be sat, the staff were good, friendly and apologetic, the queue worked it’s way down quite quickly as a lot of the people waiting were huge groups. But it is slightly uncomfortable when you’re eating and having people waiting just stare you and your food down!

Once the stress of getting a seat is over, you then have to pick something to eat; waffles, ice cream, cake, crepes, milkshakes, coffee, soft drinks, chai lattes, hot chocolates, pies… what.do.I.want.to.eat.HOW.CAN.I.CHOOSE.ONE.THING?! LOOK AT ALL THE WAFFLES YOU CAN GET!

Once you decide, you then have to choose a flavour to top said waffle/ice cream/crepe/cake. Thankfully, you have the entire queue you’re stood in to help you make this tricky decision, there is so much good stuff to chose from that you then appreciate why you are queuing, because no-one knows what to eat for the first 15 minutes of stepping inside.

Once sat, you then confirm out loud to your friends for the 15th time that you are definitely having the strawberry waffle with butterscotch sauce, despite the fact that you hate white chocolate, it will be fine. You then mentally prepare to queue again to order your food (once you finally decide that the decision of waffles is final and binding) as there is no table service, this takes time because people, Ana, usually add onto their orders at the till, adding m&m’s to their waffle base, a small milkshake to a large, the grand debate over whipped cream or ice cream and at the very last minute, unashamedly order and extra dessert..

Once thats all over it’s time to sit, relax, chat and get Louise to open birthday presents 🙂

Because once the desserts come there is no talking. The occasional snuffle and mouthful mutterings of “thishishgooood” and “imshofullicanteatanymore” whilst spooning another mouthful of waffle in your mouth.


Ana ordered a starter of pecan pie.


I ordered a peppermint chai latte and Louise ordered a chocolate milkshake


Emma ordered a strawberry milkshake and Ana ordered an Aero milkshake as a dessert.

Then the puddings arrived;


My strawberry and butterscotch waffle
Louise’s banana and nutella waffle
Hayley’s mango ice cream
Emma’s chocolate indulgence waffle
Ana’s main of banana and butterscotch waffle (I think it’s butterscotch!)

It’s worth it for around £5.50 for a huge waffle, as I said, you can add extras like m&m’s in the base, like Ana did. The wait for food wasn’t long, considering the rocky start to the night and it was nice! My waffle had white chocolate on which I didn’t really enjoy as I don’t like white chocolate all that much, but other than that I liked my waffle. I wasn’t too full after either which was great!

It’ll probably be a while before I go back, not through any other reason than I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I would recommend going in the week or a little earlier than 7:30 on a Friday! but if you are prepared to queue, then by all means go ahead!


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