Gloucester Quays and Portivo Lounge

I’ve been a terrible blogger, I’ve not really done much over the last month to warrant blogging, but I’ve landed myself an exciting new job! so it’s been pretty busy over here over the last few weeks.

Yesterday was amazing weather wise! it was the type of weather that just makes you smile. It’s typically British to wang on about the weather, but when it’s different from grey, rain, sleet, snow and the general PMSing that we have had over the last few weeks a little sun and god forbid I say it, warmth makes all the difference.

Yesterday was spent back in beautiful Gloucestershire, having lived there as a child and going to Uni there as a teen, I have fond memories of Gloucestershire. I’d gone to Gloucester a few times at Uni for various reasons usually to do with filming and H&M (Cheltenham didn’t have one at the time and they are vital..) but never to the outlet centre as Swindon has their own. It’s nicely situated just off the city centre on the docks so it makes it very picturesque and close enough to the city centre to still get your H&M kicks..


I think the area has a San Francisco vibe about it, which will come across as a strong statement, but there is an area of the city, before the Hyde Pier that shares the same characteristics as Gloucesters docks, in terms of buildings and atmosphere, maybe the sunshine had gone to my head at that point, but it did remind me of being by the water in San Francisco!


After a morning of shopping at the stores (which are similar to the ones we have here in Swindon, but they have a nicer Next) we stopped at the Portivo Lounge, which is one of many lounge collections over the South West for a refuel. The lounges are run by the same people who own the Cosy Club bars and restaurants so the decor and menus are similar. I love the Cosy Club so I knew that I would enjoy what the Portivo Lounge had to offer.  The range of drinks are pretty good, the cocktails are similar to Cosies, but the soft drinks are a pretty good selection. I had the lemonade whilst Mum had a caramel milkshake and Dad (who was in Gloucester for work so we let him join us) had a ginger beer


The lemonade was refreshing and sharp, perfect for a nice day!

Food wise, they do an extensive brunch menu which my parents took advantage of, they do the usual sandwiches and wraps and mains, all of which looked amazing. But the salt beef bagel with dill, gherkins and mustard mayo and skin on fries was calling my name.


I love salt beef and gherkins, so this only made sense to have at lunch, I was so blindsided by this that I didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of the menu! It was good, a little too mustardy, but it was pretty damn good. It was comfortable enough to eat without worrying you were going to throw it all down you or the person next to you.

Both Mum and Dad opted for the pancakes with bananas, strawberries and peach sauce which was met with grunts of approval.


Especially the peach sauce!

I would absolutely recommend a meal in Portivo Lounge, or even any of the other lounges they have dotted about. Reasonably priced, nice atmosphere and a well interiored space.

Perfect for a sunny day mooching around the docks!


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