Blood Orange Bellinis


These are a very cheeky treat to celebrate any Bank Holiday or weekend, you don’t really need an excuse, you just need to get in quick because these gorgeous little fruits are only in season for a short while.

Blood oranges are one of my favourite fruits and juices to drink, it’s so tart and invigorating!

I picked a few up over the weekend as I remembered they were in season and set about finding the perfect way to do this fruit justice. Originally, margeritas were going to be on the menu, until a distinct lack of ice and lime and laziness scuppered those plans. A few hours (of which any one of us could have gone 300 yards to the only open shop on Easter Sunday ) of botch planning of freezing the alcohol and subbing the lime for something else lead us to opening the fridge and seeing a bottle of prosecco, literally, chilling.

That’s how the blood orange bellinis were born, a quick pinterest search confirmed this was an actual real life thing and so we got juicing.

You will need:

2 juicing blood oranges (my bff waitrose does these for £1.99 for a bag of around 8)

1 x 750ml bottle of chilled prosecco or whatever fizz you want

I garnished with chopped orange and a raspberry and made a round of 5 (geez guys, I was entertaining, I only drank 2!)

IMG_6017 IMG_6018 IMG_6019

A nice cheeky little treat for the pending warm weather. Of course blood oranges can be substituted for any other fruit, or just skip the fruit altogether and dive straight into the prosecco. I shan’t judge.

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