I’m up to my ears in cereal bars and wet wipes…

Which can only mean one thing. Glastonbury is coming.

It’s less than 24 hours until I enter through those gates with Estelle and dragging all the worldly possessions I have. Literally dragging them too, in a trolley, on the floor or by the time we reach our camping field 3 miles away from said gate I’ll probably be dragged myself.

I have packed all the essentials: 24 cereal bars, 12 brioche, 5 bananas, 4 packs of wet wipes, 2 hand sanitizers and a tidy pile of cider and gin. I feel that if ANYONE, ANYONE at all has the cheek to go past me moaning that they are hungry, I will be able to rectify that issue by whipping from my pocket/hat/bag/wellie/bra one of my many branded cereal bars. I have one for every occasion. A fruity one for the mornings, a chocolate one for the afternoon and an oaty one for a treat. In fact, if I can’t solve any issue with any of my 24 cereal bars, then my life is pretty much not worth living.

I don’t even eat cereal bars when I’m going about my daily life… so why I feel 24 is suitable enough for a 5 day cider fuelled jaunt to Somerset is beyond me (but Tracker bars though…)

I haven’t been to Glasto for a few years, I couldn’t get tickets to last years festival so pretty much declared it dead to me. I avoided everything that may or may not have had it playing and just generally refused to acknowledge it. Call me bitter, but… yeah, yeah I was bitter. But then they had that huge storm and lightening struck and my bitterness sort of turned into smugness, in my dry living room.

But this year I am ready to embrace it, back into my arms. I am PSYCHED to enter the gates, gritting my teeth of the noise of 100’s of trolleys being pulled along the metal tracks, excited to get the tent up, crack out the chairs and open those lukewarm ciders.

Excited to get lost in a camp the size of Bath, excited to see bands I’ve wanted to see in a while, not so excited about the clashes…. but excited to have a dance with two of my favourite uni friends, excited to eat all the cheese, to see the cider bus, to find that cute little crumpet place and to find myself at the tea and toast caravan at 4am. Excited to discover new things, see new parts of the festival I’ve not seen before…. excited to do my usual traditions but like HELL am I excited to see that stupid goddamn 10 foot tall fire breathing electronic spider. I will be damned if I let him beat me this year. I lost too many drinks through him making me jump last time!

But first, I need to climb the mountain known as “I thought I packed but then I went into town and now I need to repack….”


I also need to find my camping stove. (That coffee ain’t making itself) Extra camera batteries and pick up my portable car charger from Currys. (In fact the one thing I shouldn’t be doing is blogging… but, EXCITED) I also need to wait patiently for Estelle to arrive as well, without her I can’t get there!

GLASTONBURY I AM COMING FOR YOU… but do I see The Who? or do I see the Chemical Brothers.. ACK.

IMG_7714 IMG_7712 IMG_7709

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