Glastonbury 2015

It’s been nearly a week since I came home with no feeling in my feet and a head full of beautiful memories. I always think that Glasto is the sort of festival that cannot possibly improve on the previous one you went to and every time I am pleasantly surprised that it just keeps better and better. Different experiences, different people, different bands and it all adds up into something pretty incredible. I have a complete case of the Glasto blues, but that is being eased with BBC iPlayer and Jamie T as I write.

All this week, I’ve told a big fat lie. At risk of sounding like a pretentious tw….. I’ve lied about who my favourite act was. Don’t get me wrong, Florence was up there in best performances at Glasto ever for me. She was astounding, mystical, I want to be her and more importantly I WANT HER OUTFIT. Where did she get that blouse from and where can I get one?! But she wasn’t my favourite, because quite frankly, I saw so many bands that were so amazing, I couldn’t choose one!

My highlights were:

  • Jamie T (He was stood like right there, in front of me. Just, there)
  • Florence (I need the number of your stylist)
  • Mark Ronson (Hi, by the way, can we get married?!)
  • Alt-J (Always)
  • Pharrell (Where did you kidnap all those children from?)
  • Staves (Gin)
  • Ella Eyre (I want your hair, your catsuit, your figure, I want to be you?)
  • Frank Turner (NEVER disappoints)
  • Lionel (Hello?)
  • Chemical Brothers (GO. OBSESSED)

This year, I finally went somewhere with both Jenny AND Estelle. I’m really surprised that the world didn’t implode. We were all in the same place, at the same time, WITH EACH OTHER, seeing some of the same things and causing pretty much all of the same trouble we did back at Uni. Nothing changes, except our age and drinks of choice (BYE VK, HELLO GIN) we didn’t spend the entire festival together, because lets be honest, if we did, the world really would implode.

The beauty of Glasto is creating amazing memories, like dancing so hard people genuinely give you a wide berth. Making new friends in the crowd that are your bff’s for the next 50 minutes. Seeing your friends randomly in the crowd (hey Ross) and having the most beautiful reunion. Meeting up with new friends and seeing those you haven’t seen in a while. 3 million photos, 4000 fits of giggles, 1 rant about Kanye, 1 rant about Lulu, 2 rain showers and an unfortunate compost toilet incident later, I am prepared to say that this is by far, my favourite Glasto ever.

In summary:

Compost Toilets (like last time) they are to be used for personal business, not for sexy time – the concept is already hilarious to me as it is, I don’t need my experience to be added to by the cubicle to the right of me having a right old jolly time! (YOU’RE SO CUTE, YOU’RE SO CUTE)

– I need a lot of therapy from that.

Wind carries pepper, and luckily for Jenny, Estelle carries saline solution, so that open pepper packet to the eye was wiped straight out!

Injuries will happen regardless, so god knows how I came out from Jamie T with my hand covered in my own blood.

I really hate Lulu: Cider and Kenresa does not mix, cider, Kenresa and Lulu makes for a screaming scene: “I HATE LULUUUUUU” and running away from Estelle and the music hands flailing.

Spontaneity is good: Disco in a tree? we’ll just jump in, rap to some Beastie Boys and head straight out again shall we?

New Foods: Last Glasto, we ate solely cheese, this Glasto I pretty much ate noodles. I don’t even like noodles.

CRUMPETS AND MARMITE ARE STILL THE ONE. I love you Strumpets with Crumpets.

Arcadia. Oh, you added three more electronic baby spiders to the giant 30ft fire breathing spider? Why would you even do that??! Horrendous.

Sunshine and tan lines. I look ridiculous.

Gin: we drank our entire gin supply in under an hour. There was a hipflask and 6 cans of gin and me and Estelle drank that all in under an hour, how?!

Crowds: Running out of Jamie T yelling “we’re late! we’re late!!” and someone yelling: “what are you late for?” (oh you’ll never know) Estelle carrying cider through the post Lionel crowd and someone shouting “she’s brave!”

Friends, the best.

DSCF1120 DSCF1146 DSCF1157 DSCF1158 IMG_6826 IMG_6854 IMG_6906 IMG_6981 IMG_6947 IMG_6984 IMG_6965

You rock Glasto 2015.


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