Strawberry Sunday

When I woke up this morning it was brilliant, bright sunshine and blue skies. Now, as I’m writing, I’ve just come in from a horrendous rain shower. I blame myself for this. Knowing I would be spending the day outside I cracked out the shorts. I never wear shorts outside of a festival and even then I wear tights with them and here I am, prepared to go out into the world with my bright white pins clad in Levi 501’s and the sunshine was so petrified it hide behind a cloud, everything turned black and the sky cried buckets.

Sorry everyone, the rain was me.

Before the sun was blinded by my lilly whites, we managed to make it over to Lotmead Farm, t’other side of Swindon for a spot of fruit and veg picking. Strawberry picking day is the highlight of my summer. To me, summer is not summer unless I have picked strawberries. It’s the same for my niece, she doesn’t consider it summer until we take her strawberry picking… sadly we didn’t take her today – but we’ll take her, or we will never hear the end of it….

The best thing about picking strawberries is eating strawberries. Because, you know, taste testing…also it’s totally a parent activity because it’s something I’ve done since I was little. So am glad that we can take my niece too and she enjoys it.


Bumper crop this year, makes for happy Kenresa. I could seriously eat strawberries all day, everyday.

IMG_7071 IMG_7068


We also dug potatoes and went to pick raspberries, but they’d all been picked 😦

I’ve serious plans for my 3kg punnet (for the bargain price of a tenner!) as well as eating my way through them one by one, until I turn into a strawberry, I’m going to make jam and homemade strawberry ice cream….

watch this space… *say says shovelling 5 strawberries in her mouth*


This was followed by a beauty of a Ploughmans lunch at the Trout at Lechlade…. I recommend the brie ploughmans and the 1kg of chips (that’s a thing) for lunch. Ticks all my boxes!

(I would like to add, since coming home and changing, the sun has come out, so it was my legs that made it rain, awkward)

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