A Great British Summer Holiday

We all love a trip to the beach, even if you don’t like the idea of the beach (like some people I know) the thought of being by the sea on a nice sunny day is enough to provoke even the happiest of memories from those who despise sand.

Devon, for the past three years has become an annual mecca for a “girls trip” for myself, Mamma Strats and my niece Adie-May. Comparing photos from previous trips to this years, she’s grown so much, it makes me sad but also happy as she’s getting to an age where she remembers more and more, so hopefully, she will look to these trips with fondness, well, lets hope to God it’s that and not: “I vaguely remember Granma and Aunty Dess drinking wine the whole time”

Originally, I was going to blog “reasons why my niece is stropping at us now” but, quite frankly that list grew longer than I could take photos to document it (there is a reason that Granma and Aunty Dess drink wine the whole time) – I’m of course, exaggerating, she was a diamond and the strops we encountered were run of the mill, daily, child gripes.

For example:

Reasons my niece is stropping 1; the path was too long.


Reasons my niece is stropping 2:

The path was too straight and her feet hurt (note, that we are the other side of the rock from the previous photo and had in fact walked 500 yards)


Reasons my niece is stropping 3; she keeps getting her goddamn photo taking whilst trying to eat her ice cream.


This, along with:

“I don’t want you to brush my hair with your hairbrush because mine is better than yours”

and, my personal favourite: “why won’t you let my sandy, wet self get on your clean, white bed linen?”

– joking aside, she really was a gem to be with, very well behaved, polite and a hell of a lot of fun to be around. I’m exaggerating greatly.

We packed a lot into our two and a half short days in Devon, it’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and take the pressure off! We spent our first afternoon pootling around Dawlish, walking from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish along the coastal and rail path, taking in the beach, the views and importantly, working off that McDonalds breakfast!

IMG_7342 IMG_7354 IMG_7346

After a drink pit stop (Devon cider at it’s finest) and an ice cream, we sat on the beach and took in the view of the sea, playing and paddling in the waves and trying to teach Adie-May how to skim stones, which I was convinced was a skill I had in theory, in practice however, it seems that I lost that skill… and so it was more of a “lets see how far you can throw the stone into the sea”

IMG_7363 IMG_7372

We headed for the Mount Pleasant Inn for dinner, and then wandered back down to the Warren for a wander on the beach, see the beach huts and to squander 2p’s in the slot machines, something I still enjoy doing, even as an adult!

IMG_7385 IMG_7398


and a great sunset over the cliffs too!

Day Two brought the cheapest train tickets in the history of the UK and a train ride ten minutes down the coast to quaint Teignmouth.

IMG_7402 IMG_7413

Here, I made the rookie error of wearing jeans, not only jeans, but jeans with a rip in the knee. I also wore a strappy top AND forgot sunscreen (I cannot stress the importance of sunscreen) so my tan lines are rather interesting. Annoyingly, I rolled my jeans up and somehow have half a sunburnt ankle on each leg…


IMG_7431 IMG_7425

We made sandcastles, a sand boat, played in the sea, saw some dead crabs, made friends with a ladybird, got sunburnt, got very sunburnt, buried Adie-May’s feet in the sand and threatened to leave her there and go to the pub. Tried to teach Adie-May how to play frisbee, but hand-eye coordination isn’t really her thing and after a few goes, I really started to realise how much I valued my kneecaps.

After a very sandy, burnt day, we arrived back to the hotel and relaxed in the garden whilst Adie-May played in the play area in the only way we know how to relax..


a bottle and a half later….

Friday was spent lazing on Exmouth beach en route home, before having a quick lunch with my Aunty and Uncle who live there. A nice way to end a lovely few days, and we were very lucky with the weather too!

As I’ve gotten older, with a increasingly hectic lifestyle, I really value my time spent with my family. You do take these things for granted, so it’s great to just take some time out… relax, go for a swim each morning in the pool and stuff yourself silly at breakfast… I hope we’re able to carry on these little trips, because they are rather fun… even if most of the comic value is provided in a pint sized package!

Reasons I miss my niece number 650: hugs on tap.



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