Gin Tasting at Magnum Wines

A few weeks back, I was in a local pub with two of my friends winding down from the week, we’d just gone out for a meal and wanted to have a few drinks afterwards when my friend Stewart bumped into a colleague that had just come from a Gin Tasting at Magnum wines. Now, I love gin, I love drinking gin…. so this was something that I needed to do!

Hayley, being ever so efficient and clever, looked into it and paid for 6 of us to go and attend, for the price of £15 you get a glass of cava on arrival, 6 gins to sample, tonic to go alongside it, some nibbles, a full background into each gin and £3 off the gins from the sampling if you choose to purchase them at the end.

Utter. Bargain.

So after rushing back from Devon, I quickly changed and made my way down to the tasting, the keenos that we are were first to arrive… naturally.


These were the gins on sample, they have done a staggering 18 tastings this year alone and do two tastings of the same gins in the cycle, so come September, they’ll be 6 more to sample! Yippie, that’s my birthday month.. HINT HINT.


As promised, our arrival drink was cava with orange curacao. Which was very yummy… something that I feel needs to be drunk more often….

IMG_7515 IMG_7443 IMG_7441

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Ashamedly, I’ve never set foot in the Magnum wine shop before, so was in awe looking at all the stock it has, when I’m a little richer, I am definitely coming back to purchase some wine, gin….


Once everyone arrived, we were told that it was best to drink the gin neat (isn’t that how everyone drinks their gin? no? just me? oh…) to get the most from the flavours and we started to play a very amusing and confusing game of “guess the flavours in the gin”

We had coriander, liquorice, nutmeg, thyme, cinnamon, lemon.. not one wedge of cucumber or whiff of elderflower in sight! Now, please don’t go by my opinion, I’m neither a professional or a great judge, so I urge you to go along and try for yourselves.

Gin 1 was Boodles, it was an acquired taste, no citrus notes, but once we were told there was coriander, everyone was like “YESSSSSS THAT’S IT!” I personally, was convinced I was drinking liquid thyme…

Gin 2 – Chilgrove was my second favourite, on my notes – my very cultured self wrote “tastes of gin” …. Yep, I wasn’t wrong there.

Gin 3 was so awful, it was sad as Ginabelle is quite possibly my favorite name for a gin ever. My tasting notes said “Tequilla. Nope” in fact, a lot of people hated this gin, including the guys who were running the night, it’s an acquired taste, if you like tequila flavoured drinks….but don’t let me put you off!

Gin 4 Brandons was lovely, it wasn’t quite my favourite – but it proved popular on my table, so much so a few bottles were purchased! it was very strong at 46% – especially neat, it actually tasted nicer neat than with tonic.

Gin 5 – was my favourite, I could drink this for days (well, that would render me with an issue.. but you know what I mean) Strathern Heather Rose Gin, made in Scotland with a rosy hue to it, was everything you ever wanted in a gin and more, good texture, nice taste, right strength and tasted nice with tonic! also, it’s a rose gin – which is just incredible! ticks all my boxes! (did I mention it’s my birthday next month??)

Gin 6 – Old English, brought you right back to how gin tasted during the 18th century, it was nice, but no Strathern… but you can see how gin has developed over the years… it was definitely a refreshing taste.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting, though it made me realise that my taste buds aren’t so refined (nor do I claim them to be!) but I’m glad I went as it really opened my eyes to the differing flavours in the world of the gin. I’ll definitely go again as it was an interesting night, educational, entertaining and different.

Also, huge shout out to Liam and Jo, our table buddies for sorting out Stewart with diet tonic, so he can enjoy gin with tonic (being diabetic, tonic is horrendously sugary) without passing out drunk!


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