Cake & Bake Show

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas hampers are my thing, I love baking a cake but I can give or take eating it, I love baking but presentation wise, my skills are poor. They also know that Great British Bake Off is my utmost favourite autumn show (and Downton is a close, clooooose, contender) and as soon as the first leaves of autumn fall – jam and chutney making is on my mind.

So when my friend Keely suggested I join her and her family at the Cake and Bake show, I thought “whyever not?” after all, October is usually when I am in the full train of thought of Christmas Hampering – which before everyone throws up their hands and shouts “CHRISTMAS IS MONTHS AWAY” – hampers, take a hell of a lot of time and planning!

I wanted one thing at the show, nice edible glitter. I just wanted that one, little thing..

2 aprons,  1 christmas present, 1 cake tin, dowling and a bottle of gin later – I walked out of the show perplexed at what had just happened. I only wanted edible glitter..

The sheer standard of the cakes on show is impressive and you can get absolutely everything you need to bake anything, ever at a fraction of the price. Keely’s sister Hannah picked up a whole set of cake tins to make a wedding cake for £30! absolute bargain. But it’s the cakes that really take your breath away..especially the Disney ones, we all know I’m a huge fan of those…

IMG_8290 IMG_8295 IMG_8284 IMG_8297

Believe it or not, Paddington is a cake.

I found out things about baking I didn’t realise existed. It’s a great show if you need to bake something elaborate, you can get spray guns, steamers, cake lace, kits to keep your cake standing – if you have a huge project or want to get a job in the Cake Boss bakery or want to apply for Bake Off, you’ll be in heaven. For little old me, who loves making jam, struggles to make a decent cracker and loves a good lemon drizzle loaf, I was completely out of my depth. I almost wish someone would ask me to make their wedding cake because I came away with the urge to bake on a large scale!

IMG_8287 IMG_8275 IMG_8276

I definitely want to come back next year, the tickets are £7.50 and if you fancy the trek across London, there are ample coffee shops on route to keep your energy up! Collectively, we scored some bargains and for those who bake all the time, the money spent is an investment. Keely bought her wedding cake rounds for £11! there were about 5 rounds in her bag too. It’s way more than cake,  we ate amazingly good bruschetta, sampled flavoured gin and may have purchased some gin, the gin curtailed all intentions to eat cheese though… swings and roundabouts. The girls bought a load of sausage – yes sausage – whilst I watched John Waites, the series 3 winner of Bake Off, do a masterclass in bagel making.

IMG_8283 IMG_8279

Starstruck me even got a twitter reply and was in a cheeky group selfie! (We’re top left the group in dark colours and I’m wearing a hat, well…. if you really zoomed in..ha)


(selfie picture from Andrew Dickens @MrAndrewDickens on Twitter)

Celeb floozying over, edible glitter finally bought – and I mean it when I say it was literally the last thing I bought – poorer and slightly merry on the free wine and gin tastings, we tube hopped back towards Paddington for £5 cocktails and rugby…

Let’s not discuss England’s performance shall we?

Thanks for a nice day Wilsons!


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