Coppa at the Great House

How amazing has this weather been lately? For October, it’s been insanely warm and dare I say it – springlike. As I type, it’s chucking it down with rain and I think summer may finally be over in terms of blue skies and days spent without a cardigan.

Last week, I took a few days off and ambled down to Twyford to see a friend of mine for a long weekend of food, relaxing, cake and baking, and more food. On the Friday, we went to Sonning for a spot of lunch, wine and river walking, kicking off the weekend in style.

Look at the view!


The Great House is a hotel which has recently refurbished it’s restaurent Coppa. Taking full advantage of the nice day, we sat outside by river and ordered some sharing dishes and the mandatory glass of prosecco for the both of us.


Keely enjoying the sun, nice prosecco and some stolen shades!

We ordered an array of breads with oil and vinegar, salmon on sourdough, sausage rolls and mustard and bruschetta. A sort of tapas if you were..the bread took a while to arrive, so it’s not pictured.. but I can vouch for it!

IMG_8259 IMG_8258

Hands down, it was the best bruschetta and salmon I have ever eaten. It was all very yummy and the menu was extensive. If I lived closer I would be busy ploughing my way through the menu. I guess that gives me an excuse to see Keely more. The meal came up to £26 for the two of us, which I felt was a decent price for the dishes and some damn good prosecco.

The hotel itself is very pretty from the river, I can imagine it would be quite nice to stay there and I have it on good authority George Clooney frequents the hotel and can you blame him?


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