Autumnal Frolics

Autumn is great isn’t it?! it’s a season where temperatures drop, hot chocolate everyday becomes acceptable (it really does) and you can justify long, snuggly nights watching films and TV box sets. In summery, you can hibernate and it’s ok!

Far from hibernation mode, I ventured for the first time to Westonbirt last weekend. The Arboretum is fairly local to me, just outside Tetbury, yet I’ve never been! “It’s about time I changed this” I thought and felt the best time to appreciate the Arboretum in all it’s colourful glory was Autumn. Plus, the Cotswods sure are pretty..

I wasn’t disappointed….


Look at those colours!! The weather may have been dreary and gloomy but it was far from it in Westonbirt.


I also took the opportunity to play about with my SLR in time for my trip next month. A morning of walking and playing about with my camera settings definitely does wonders for the soul. The colours of the leaves and the fact we were earlier in the day meant that we had hardly anyone around us as we wondered. Minus the odd dog, of course..



The forest has plenty of routes and walk ways, a play area for children and lots of passages… if you look closely you may be able to spot a familiar face or two..



It’s well worth a visit for a lazy Sunday autumn walk, a summer picnic or to marvel at the Christmas lights in December. There’s an ample gift shop and somewhere that serves tea. I think next time I go, I want to try and see the lights at Christmas! They were starting to install the displays, so I can imagine it’s simply breathtaking.



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