A veggie brunch

Sundays should be lazy. After all, it’s the day of rest. Sunday’s should also be about food. Whether it’s a scrummy brunch or an epic roast. Or if you’re feeling fancy both.

But it’s all about a good brunch to kick those lazy sunday vibes into touch and if you’re looking for some breakfast inspiration for this weekend… look no further. I got this.

I first came across this combination at Glastonbury last year, at a vegetarian/vegan food stall which we passed en route towards the Other Stage practically every day. Armed with an iced soya latte we rocked up and ordered the biggest and most amazing breakfast ever.

Considering the breakfast took about twelve hours for us to be able to eat again (cider consumption is a completely different matter) I’ve scaled it down slightly for home so i don’t look like a massive pig/I’ve lost my head/ODing on avocado..

It’s also kinda…. ish, healthy…ish.

Depending on how many people you’re cooking for you’ll need… (if it’s just you, I definitely won’t judge you on how many of these you consume… want three? you crack on)

1 x wholemeal english mufficn

1 avocado

2/3 mushrooms

1 egg

some cheese.

Start by slicing, de stoning and smashing the avocado with some salt and pepper. Leave the side, slice your mushrooms and spray some cooking spray or pour a little oil into a frying pan and add the mushrooms. Cook until brown. Toast the muffin. when the mushrooms are cooked, set them on a plate and crack an egg into the frying pan (add more oil if needed) and once the egg looks like it’s cooked, flip it over so the yolk is face down and cook for about a minute. Flip that over and sprinkle some cheese over the egg (how much you love cheese is dependent on how much you add….drown it, compliment it – as in add as little or as much as you want, don’t actually tell the cheese it’s pretty)

Once you are satisfied the cheese has melted, set the eggs aside and start building your sandwich. Start with spreading avocado on both sides of the toasted muffin, then add the mushrooms on one side and finally the egg/cheese. If you have any mushrooms left, add them to the other side and place that half on top.

Et voila!


Obviously this was before I stacked the sandwich. If you fancy a non veggie option, bacon would probably be a good addition to this. If you don’t like mushrooms, you can use peppers. In fact, it’s your breakfast, your sandwich – do whatever works for you!

It’ll never beat the Glastonbury sandwich of epicness… which also had tomatoes in.. but it’s a good enough substitute!


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