Guilt-Free (ish) chili con carne…


Chili con carne is one of those meals that gets you. it just gets you. The beauty of it is that it’s so versatile that you can pretty much do anything with it and it still tastes utterly incredible. Not a fan of heat? you make make it mild, want a meal so hot that the fire brigade is on standby every time you take a mouthful? add as many chilis you can withstand. Love vegetables? make it with quorn and pack it full as many vegetables as you can.

But as it’s a well known fact that carbs solve pretty much anything. Chili con carne, just gets you.

I like to think that this is one of my signature dishes. I love make it, creating it and serving it. I prefer it made with turkey mince and as packed full of veggies as the slow cooker can hold. Oh, and I slow cook it too..slow cooking it brings out the flavour more and you can love it and nurture it and quite frankly, open a bottle of wine and chill.

These are my go to’s for chili. It’s also guilt free (in my least, for now, you’ll see my shameful downfall at the end of this post) as I use turkey mince and cheat ever so slightly with a low fat sauce as I am yet to perfect a nice sauce, so a little helping hand always helps.


turkey mince, tomato puree, passata, sweet baby peppers, one giant pepper, shameful cheating low fat sauce, sweetcorn, red kidney beans and coriander.

Once you’ve placed your mince of choice in the slow cooker, pour the sauce (jar or homemade) over, add some passatta (I went for chili and pepper as I was cooking for people who love a kick) some tomato puree and then it’s time for veggies. I added a whole can of sweetcorn, kidney beans and some sweet baby peppers which couldn’t have gone to waste in Sainsburys – because they were sat alone on a shelf surrounded by coconuts and no-one needs that sort of threat on a weekend – so all 5 of those went in too. YES 5. Roughly chop a handful of coriander in and season with salt and pepper, pop the lid on and relax!

Stir every 40 minutes or so and after 2 and a half hours serve.

Again, how you serve chilli is testament to how versatile this dish is… it works simply on it’s own, with rice, quinoa or tortilla chips.

Now, guilt-free is an option right until this point because, chili, in my mind is served best with cheese. (NB I did say ish in the title)

Brown rice, chili, cheese (you can go lighter here… it’s completely to your discretion. Though cheese is a MUST) some sour cream (okay, losing at the guilt-free here..) and maybe some tortilla chips… (and we’re off the guilt-free wagon and straight onto pure greediness) until it looks something like………




this utter dreamboat of a meal.

Of course, if, unlike me you actually possess some form of self control, you can omit the cheese, cream and chips and just have brown rice. Go you!

So there we have it, slow cooked dreamy chili con carne with a low fat twist!





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