An ode to Mum

To all the Mum’s out there who dry tears, kiss bumps and bruises better, give advice, tell you “you can’t go out wearing that”, holds your hand, protects, worries until the dead of night, sacrifices the last biscuit so you don’t go without, makes juice concoctions to flush away illnesses, risks illness to look after you, shares your excitement, watches you grow, supports you, hugs you until everything’s okay, cries in private as to not upset you, tidies up after you, provides a taxi service, helps you get on your feet, hides her sadness when she thinks you don’t need her anymore, makes your favourite meal, surprises you, wants only the best for you, stays up until you get home, works hard so you don’t go without, listens to you, doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t for a second doubt your enthusiasm for something (to your face at least), has faith in your dreams, hopes for the best, wishes there was always more she can do..

loves you unconditionally.

To my amazing, wonderful Mother, my gorgeous sisters and my beautiful friends who are Mum’s and for those who aren’t able to see their Mother today..

No matter how old, how independent, headstrong or savvy you are. You’ll always need your Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day xo

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