Strawberry & Pink Champagne Jam

Okay, so this jam isn’t as fancy pants as I’m making it out to you really think I drink enough pink champagne to just whimsically launch into a jam!? sadly I don’t, but my mother did happen to be drinking a pink cava that needed to be used and I just so happened to chuck that into a jam instead…because why on earth not? For arguments sake and because it sounds fancypants, we’re sticking with “pink champagne” because Strawberry and Jacobs Creek Pink Cava Jam just doesn’t have the same ring to it and is far, far too long to write on a jam label.

Before you start on your jammin’ adventure. I strongly suggest checking you have pectin in the cupboard, or go out and buy some purely because strawberries have very low pectin levels which makes making jam quite hard when you need them to thicken to reach that nice, jammy texture.

To make this jam, you’ll need:

500g of fresh strawberries, or if you have a load in the fridge that need eating they’ll do just fine. (I also mixed in raspberries as I was short of strawberries by 100g)

375g of preserving sugar

A splash of pink cava – you can use whatever you wish, or even forgo it, but if you have some really bad pink bubbles that you were gifted – now maybe the perfect time to use it.

*DISCLAIMER*’A splash’ is also to your discretion, if you think “I’m probably going to smear this all over my toast/and/or/face right before I jump IN THE CAR to go to work” I would probably stay to the lesser splash, or omit it. If you think  ‘what a fab idea! this is jam strictly for use on Sundays where the furthest I will venture is to the fridge’ then go ahead! plonk the entire bottle in if that’s what you want! But I urge you to be adult enough to know your limits when ‘splashing’ as drink driving – even when it’s hidden in your jam – isn’t cool. I would recommend about 20ml, tops.

a packet of pectin (optional if you find your jam is thickening up just nicely)

3 small jars

Place a small plate into the freezer (there’s method in my madness)

Boil a kettle and fill the jars with the boiling water to sterilise the jars

Plonk everything, bar the pectin into a heavy bottomed saucepan with a lid and cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes to half an hour, with the lid on, stirring occasionally.If you feel the jam isn’t thickening, add the pectin and boil with the lid slightly off the pan and stir occasionally.

To check your jam is behaving itself into being the best jam it can be, remove the plate from the freezer and spoon a small amount of jam on there, place your finger on the jam and if it creases, it’s ready. If not, keep boiling and spooning it on the plate (washing and freezing each time) until you’re happy.

Pour out the water from the jars and fill with jam. The best and easiest way is through a funnel, or ladle the jam/spoon it in if you don’t have access to a funnel.

Put greaseproof paper or cellophane over the jam and secure with the lid and your jam is ready to go!






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