Bryant Park, New York revisited

Okay, so in my wrap up about my favourite things about New York  back in January, number one in my list was the gorgeous Bryant Park. To be perfectly honest, this place really hasn’t left my thoughts since I came home in December and I cannot wait for the day when I can return there, Le petit quotidien soya latte in hand and just sit back and enjoy the views.

Nestled on fifth and sixth avenues and between 40th and 42nd street, Bryant Park is one of Manhattans not so hidden gems. It’s a haven to get away from it all, right in the heart of the city. I can’t say what it’s like the rest of the year, but having experienced it in a rather mild winter, I was super impressed. Where else can you get an all round view of the most famous skyscrapers surrounded by pretty park lands all at once?!

I mean, look… LOOK.

That’s totes the Empire State, by the way.

In the month of December, the park is a winter market. With huts of delicious street food and cute, quirky stores, selling jewellery, trinkets, christmas decorations and basically any gift you could think to buy anyone in your family. It’s a busy old place, but the jostling of people and slight queues for food, stores and coffee is worth it with views like that and crisp, clear sunny weather, right?!

Despite the busyness, we always found a place to rest and watch the world, locals and tourists go by. With coffee from le petit quotidien accompanied by a chia seed and date muffin, it made for a rather pleasant mid afternoon break.

Mum had a craving for spring rolls, rudely awakened the night before on a brief pitstop at a pizza place for a slice of real Noo Yoik pizza pie. The shop also had delicious spring rolls and so Mum, figuring that this place would have them, dragged me away from my nice spot amongst the shrubbery and we went for a wonder.


Friction Jewellry also took most of my spending money, pretty  handmade necklaces in all different designs. You can find them on Etsy, but I bought me and Mum necklaces to remember our break and our favourite spot. I love it!

Walking around the park, you take in the fountain, the picturesque scenery, enjoying the most of the sunshine and of course the christmas tree!

Our walk took us right to spring roll heaven, $3 for a large spring roll and accompanying sauces, sorted both me and Mum out!


We came back a few times during our trip, always for coffee, always for spring rolls and just to soak in this little leafy part of a thrilling and exciting. I really want to shout it from the rooftops how lovely this little spot is. They even have free ice skating in the winter.

We even let Dad experience our little ‘hideaway’ complete with coffee and spring rolls (see a theme?!)  he enjoyed it.

I really do recommend taking a stroll down this end of the city, you’re still close to Times Square, fifth avenue and Rockafeller centre, so you’re not straying at all away from it. it’s just nice to feel like you’re escaping whilst in the thick of it all.. 10/10.



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