Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

So, welcome everyone to my first ever beauty post! isn’t this exciting, I hope it lives up to expectations!

From my research, Jamberry is a popular American brand focusing on nail wraps and nail care. They have recently launched in the UK and my local brand rep, Lauren contacted me on Instagram asking if I wanted to trail the wraps for them. My last foray into nail wraps were some bright neon aztec prints which I cut to shape horribly and applied terribly. So I was a little apprehensive about me trailing them properly, just in case I failed miserably in the application process and would have to message Lauren rather sheepishly and explain that I’m not cut out to trail nail wraps… but thankfully… the Nail God’s were on my side.

They arrived really quickly and it was a few days before I applied them. The sample strip contains 5 styles of wrap, sized for each of your nails. They’re durable, which is great and  I chose the floral mint green and pink pattern, called Sweet Surprise as I felt it was bright, eye catching and a step away from my usual dark matte nails. To compliment my strip, I applied Barry M Ballerina and NYC Nails in mint green.


Now, I will admit that I might have chosen the wrong sized wrap for the nail I applied it too (I DID say there was a huge chance the application process could go terribly wrong, and I would feel bad lying about the applying it so easily!) BUT! BUT! thanks to some quick thinking on my part, I shaped it well post application and you wouldn’t even know… the wraps are really easy to apply. Make sure your nails and clean and dry. Peel the desired pattern off and make sure it’s the correct shape for your nail. Cut the strip in half and heat for 5 seconds. Jamberry recommend their mini heater for this step, but a blow dryer will work just as well. Once heated, place the wrap over the desired nail and heat again for a further 5 seconds so the adhesive sticks to the nail. File the excess at the top downwards and your nail will take shape! It’s pretty much as easy as that and thankfully no haphazard applications like the neon aztec!

Once fully applied and nail polish was firmly on, the week trial started.


Now, I work for a charity and in hindsight, I picked the best week to trail my nails as I had a super busy week coming up. This week involved pulling and loading event collateral in a car and also putting up the event collateral in the rain and wind. As well as heavy lifting, frantic typing, helping out at the event, scrambling for cables etc etc and general day to day activities, such as showering, going to the gym, washing hands, dressing etc which would usually chip at nail polish.

For the first three days (I applied on the Sunday) my nails, including my painted polish were fine, no signs of wear or tear, chipping, nothing. Considering I always find Barry M polish to chip as soon as you blink at it, I really was surprised, maybe the wraps had some super power that spread to my other nails and made them indestructible too?! I woke up on Thursday and found my NYC polish had started to come away. Darn it! But with four days of no wear, I happy. my wraps were still in prime position, no signs of coming away. They really were indestructible. By Friday, when my big event came round, my nail assessment was at the back on my mind. I loaded and unloaded cars, put up banners, scrambled for cables, carried desserts… on Saturday my nails were like this:


Chipped polish and the wraps were still on! but had started to come away at the sides slightly. But that was to be expected as it was where I overlapped it. Excuse my hands…

I’m really impressed with them and for a whole set at £15, it’s not such a bad price when you pay nearly that for a good quality nail polish. You can probably eek them out for a fortnight tops, applied correctly and without attending an event in the middle of it! I definitely will use the rest of my sample strip and have had a lot of compliments on my nails. Which has been lovely!

The website has a lot of really nice designs and cool colours, there really is something for everyone and they are so eye catching. With how easy they are to apply, if doing your nails is usually the last thing that comes to mind when getting ready for an occasion, if you’re short on time – you can apply these and go straight out rather than waiting an amount of time for polish to dry. Plus, they brighten up any look.

Jamberry, I do believe you have a fan.

Check out Lauren’s Jamberry page for more details and how you can trail them!


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