Afternoon Tea at Hotel du Vin

No girly catch up is without bubbles and bubbles are extremely versatile. When bubbles are applied to cake and sandwiches, it’s an unbeatable combination!

This weekend, me and my dear friends Lauren and Gemma (who I miss lots) had a very overdue catch up and decided the only way to mark the catch up would be afternoon tea at Hotel du Vin in Bristol. Good food being the way to our hearts.

Hotel du Vin is right in the centre of Bristol. You couldn’t get anymore central to be honest, and it’s a perfect setting for a catch up, date or a drink. With it’s 1920’s esque feel about the bar and restaurant area.

We opted for the champagne afternoon tea, which for £22.50 is a bargain. For that £22.50 you get a lot, so it’s well worth the price tag.



Cor, blimey! You get, ham and mustard, cucumber, salmon and cream cheese and much to my delight, cheese and pickle. Cheese and pickle! life cannot get any better than cheese and pickle sandwiches and champagne! Along with savory tarts and pork pie. For a girl who goes to afternoon tea for the sandwiches alone, already I was satisfied.

Once you’ve gorged yourself silly on carbs, the scones happen. Now, scones are not my favourite part of the tea, in fact if you haven’t guessed already, I’d like afternoon tea to be unlimited prosecco and sandwiches.. but these guys, they had a little something something (I’m taking a stab at sugar content) which swayed me slightly. Served with lashings of clotted cream and a tiny strawberry jam, it’s the perfect way to wash down the carb binging.


The beauty of afternoon tea is that it’s not a race, you can leisurely sip at your tea (unlimited English breakfast, Earl grey or various herb and fruit combinations) or champagne and take your time. After all, we are British, and us Brits are built for tea and cake. The cake at afternoon tea can really make or break it I think, and this made it. Chocolate macarons, walnut cake, chocolate covered strawberries and victoria sponges were on offer and I certainly think it complimented the sandwiches, scones and drinks perfectly! After eating it all, I didn’t even feel full… I guess skipping breakfast will do that to you!


So, if you’re ever at a loose end in that there Bristol and want to do something fancy, I suggest Hotel du Vin’s afternoon tea. I’ve sampled a fair few afternoon teas in my short life and I can confidently say it was one of the best ever. The company, of course made it too.. and I’m very much looking forward to what we get upto next time we see each other… but more importantly, I got to meet this beauty afterwards!


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