Pizza at Flour & Ash



So, I’m apparently on a pizza eating tour of Bristol… I’m quite new to Bristol’s pizza offering to be honest, and if I can be even more honest, I didn’t even realise I was on a pizza eating tour of Bristol! But I’m not complaining because pizza is the best food in the world. Thank goodness for that gym membership and thank goodness for Bristol’s good pizza, because there are worst tours to be partaking in.

So officially, my first pizza tour was Pizza Workshop, but as I wasn’t “on tour” as such, I didn’t document it. I know it may come as a shock, but I don’t document ALL the food I eat on Instagram… Pizza Workshop was pretty spectacular though, out of a takeaway box under a blanket on a rainy Easter Sunday, I was pretty pleased.

I’ve heard good things about Flour & Ash from all the way here in Swindon, so if good news travels fast, good pizza travels even quicker. Before I left for Bristol at the weekend, I met a friend for coffee who lives in Bristol (wait, so she’s from Swindon and was home for the weekend… confusion cleared) and I mentioned that I may be going to Flour & Ash and her little face lit up, now this friend loves food and she loves good food, so I knew from that reaction I was on a winner. Now to hope they have a table…

Thankfully, a table was available at 8:45 and off we trundled (or rather bussed, ever been on bus in Bristol? it’s…. something) to Gloucester Road and to the teeny tiny space that is Flour & Ash. I’ve come to realise that in Bristol, the smaller the restaurant, means that the quality of food is a cut above the rest. Trust me on this.

The menu isn’t very big, but it emphasises on quality. Now, I am a huge fan of sourdough everything, so sourdough pizza is my dream come true. It’s a simple menu, pizza with or without tomato sauce, starters, sides and desserts. It also branches way beyond your usual pepperoni pizzas and there is a lot of veggie options too! The full menu is here

We opted for the Portobello mushroom, mozzarella, garlic and dried chilli from the pizzas with tomato sauce range and the ox cheek ragu, bechamel, grana pedano and basil from the no tomato sauce range.

Now, the post is going to go a bit downhill from here, because I should be raving about the decor, the friendly and funny staff. But to be perfectly honest, you’re lucky I managed to grab photos of the pizzas, because my god, they were incredible. Utterly incredible. (Plus the restaurant for it’s size is perfectly kitted out and the staff are brilliant.)

So incredible, I don’t think a word was uttered in conversation, just looks of agreement and “oh my god” in fact, I don’t think anything was acknowledged other than the pizza. That stayed that way for a good hour afterwards… It was that good. The flavours and the sourdough is just unbeatable. After what was the most satisfying pizza I have eaten so far, there was no room for dessert on my end. But that didn’t stop the honeycomb ice cream arriving at the table. Now, Flour & Ash has been coined the best pizza in Bristol, and quite possibly the ice cream is up there too. Now, I had a small taste.. and I wish, wish to God, I’d had room!! maybe next time, huh?

It’s definitely the best pizza in Bristol so far for me….the full tummy and happy face secured that for me.

I wonder what’s next?!

(also, if someone can take me on a gin tour of Bristol….)




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