A snippet of New York in Oxfordshire

I know I am guilty about banging on about it, and it’s just a park, but I’m not kidding when I say that I just fell completely in love with Bryant Park and the coffee at Le Pain Quotidien. When I heard that the coffee shop was a chain, I will admit I was a little disappointed because I felt like I had stumbled across a little undiscovered gem, amongst the hustle and bustle of New York in the winter. Then I kept coming back for the coffee and my excitement grew realising that, well if this is a chain, then I can “go back to New York’ whenever I want! Except, well, whenever I want is in the shape of Bicester Village and within that village, houses a giant Le Pain Quotidien. Which means, whenever I want, is a whole hour and ten minutes down the road, but you know I’ll take it.

Cheaper than flights to NYC, and Bicester houses the same shops..

Early starts for shopping means, breakfast and for me and Mum, there was only one place we were going. Scrap the shops, sod the shoppers. We’re off to Le Pain Quotidien to get our coffee fix. The building itself is huge, one side is seating, one side is take out, all the staff are super helpful and if I’m being honest, the place smells of fresh bread!

We opted for soya and skinny lattes, which come served in a bowl, as per Belgian tradition. As soon as the coffees were set down, we dived straight in and the first sip brought us straight back to Bryant Park in December. So much so, that we sipped our coffees, took a moment to savour and realised we both welled up! So there we were, drinking coffee and tearing up. Who gets emotional over coffee?! I’ve never known a coffee to provoke tears, but there is a first for everything, clearly!

Once we got over ourselves, the coffee and retained a firm grip on reality, we ordered for breakfast the Boulanger’s Petit Dejeuner which is a homemade west country cheddar & mustard scone, organic scrambled eggs, crispy proscuitto, slow roasted tomato, a snap at £7.95 and so yummy! The scone was warm, light and had the right amount of cheese flavour and a perfect accompaniment to the creamy scrambled eggs (and I’m not a huge egg fan, but these were good) and crispy proscuitto. I don’t like cooked tomatoes, so I rather guiltily left them, as did Mum.


Best breakfast decision ever, considering it took us about 20 minutes to go through the menu and decide – they also do omlettes, scrambled eggs and various accompaniments, avocado on toast and of course, freshly baked pastries.

Good start to a successful shopping trip, I would say…

When can I go back?!




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