May has whizzed by, so quickly. It’s whizzed in a blur of sun, rain, thunder, dogs and gin. Always the gin…

Heres a brief round up of my activities within the merry month of May..it’s been a hectic and fun month!

May starts and ends with bank holidays, hoorah! and as always they are pretty busy, I started off May celebrating my friend Estelle’s birthday in London, seeing Ricky Wilson in Soho – casual.  Experiencing London nightlife and finally.. in the nine years we have been friends, I finally got to use this line in the appropriate context…


In the wake of the legend that is Prince’s death, I finally found the best worst film ever made in the shops and a snap at a fiver..


Worst film ever. Best purchase ever.

Talking of finding complete gems in shops, LOOK WHAT FINALLY CAME TO TESCO.


only the best snack food America has ever produced. Cheez-it, the baked snack cracker, 95% of all my body fat and the snack of which snack dreams are made and based on. It’s only the flipping 14th May (by this date stamp on the pic) and it’s been a success!

The sunshine provoked some lazy weekends, carbooting, chilling in the local park, al fresco dining and having a wander around Old Town in all it’s toasted bacon sandwich, yummy coffee glory.


Obligatory ice cream shot.

During this walk, I popped into our local wine shop, which stocks the biggest collection of gin in my little world, and to my delight I came across the miniatures and within them.. STRATFORD gin. In the year we celebrate the great bards 400th birthday, my surname is also celebrated in gin form. So I bought it and accompanied it with some little friends..ahh gin.



This is the Royal Oak gin bar, this is a monthly haunt for myself… I feel I need to share the sheer amount of gin available for my taste palette… once we have finished exploring the gins and done our ’12 months of gin’ a blog post will be coming. But for now, gin.

It was also #nationalwineday on the 25th May…


chin chin!

I dog and house sat…. never have I realised how much I value my personal space and sleep until you temporarily live with a dog!

This is Maddie… Maddie is the cutest dog… even if she barks at when we go on walks in torrential rain and get horribly lost…

I caught up with so many friends this month, people who I never get to see, which was lovely! dinners, lunches, drinks and cocktails. Which was thoroughly enjoyable! Through the hello’s we said goodbye as one of my best friends moves to Cardiff to start a new job. We had a lovely see you soon dinner at GBK and it was with my three favourite people. By far the best and saddest night of May. Will always be a see you soon though, he can’t get rid of us that quick!!!



Amongst all this are the things I didn’t stop and Instagram, I know, well done me. Seeing the 1990 Captain America at the Bristol Bad Film club and FINALLY getting my Bagel Boy fix. Finding a beaut of a miniseries in Manhattan Love Story (SKY Go it, it’s funny) digging and planting in our little ‘garden’, discovering a new project in a dolls house found at a car boot sale for £3! getting into a juicy good book, baking up a storm for work related events and getting into a good routine at the gym and rediscovering running! Bring on a fit summer.

Finally… May ended on a high note, just as it started with booze and a branch of Be At One… and well, sunshine in Bath.


Followed by a trip to Bicester, our favourite coffee house… and…


need I say more? Thank you May, you have been A-MAY-ZING.

June, with your Glastonbury festival… I await you with excitement!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha ha love this post! It’s just made me smile (and want to pour a gin!) May with its double bank holiday has been a banger, especially with love saves the day! But I’m with you – JUNE IS GLASTONBURY 💥🔊👏🏼
    Emma xx


    1. Aww hi! thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed Glasto!!!

      1. Aww thank you! It was AMAZING ✨ soooo muddy though it was exhausting haha. Such a magical place that rain or shine it’s just as enjoyable xx

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