Glastonbury Round Up…

I love, love, LOVE Glastonbury, when and if I am lucky enough to get tickets, it’s my favourite week of the year. Anticipation starts in October, increases in January and as soon as the first hint of spring sunshine hits, I’m in full on Glasto mode. At least in my head… this is going to be very picture heavy, we took between us over 500 photos, that’s 100 photos A DAY. There was me thinking we barely did anything…. jeez. Grab a cuppa and be grateful for not being covered in mud and take a peek at what we got upto below…

So as with previous years, (2014 and 2015 are linked here) I am going to give you my round up. This year was such a weird year, the year of mud. The year of the not -so -fussy headliners, in fact the music wasn’t that much cop! But it allowed us to discover different things, with different people and just soak up the atmosphere…2015 will still remain my favourite year, but we made some awesome and just as memorable memories in 2016!

  • By no means a “highlight” but it needs to be touched on… the #Glastonburytraffic

    We left Swindon at 6:50am..we stopped at Costa, we realised that my iPhone cable didn’t work, we came back home, we got on the M4 at 7:20am, we got to Frome at 8:50am, we got to Shepton Mallet at 9:50am, we were still in Shepton Mallet at 11:50am. We found some hot Irish men in the car in front, they had 24 bags of Walkers crisps, how do we know? we were that bored..we decided the car in front of the Irish had the band Years and Years in (it didn’t, the guy just had really awful hair) we took selfies of our hair before the epic walk ruined us. We got onto site at 1:30pm…. 6.5 hours after leaving a place that is 1 hour and 40 minutes down the road…. sigh.

  • The relief of FINALLY being on site. We got on site at 1:30pm, two trips to the car, a tumble in the mud and a tent pitch later… 5:30pm was PIMMS O’CLOCK. Yes, four hours…11 hours after we left home….sigh.
  • The exploration.

    From spending the majority of Thursday in the Battery Bar in the Greenpeace fields drinking gin cocktails, watching the New York Brass Band, finding ourselves in the healing fields (Ben, the amazing masseuse is my new bff. Seriously, I miss him) spending time in the Permaculture garden…. which brings me on to…


The newest addition to the site, located between the John Peel tent and the Pyramid Stage, the Woods are a pretty amazing place to hide from everyone and listen to Adele pull a stunning opener to her set. See also, singing the overture to the musical ‘Into the Woods’ much to Estelle’s annoyance.

  • Glitter
  • Not going to let it rain on our parade…

The above photo of Estelle and the empty glasses was because A. we drank the gin and B. An inflatable banana hit in me in the face and rather than me drinking my gin, I dropped it… EVERYWHERE. Tragic.

However, the sun did come out…

  • Power Ballads and other random acts of sillyness.

Power ballad yoga? check, a 2.5 hour power ballad tribute? check. TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES…. EVERY NOW THEN I FALL APART.. check, a night of cheesy tunes? check, tango dancing in Silver Hayes with a man you have just met? check!

Tears at power ballads? Check (looking at you, Callum)


Firstly, M83 deserve their own photo for how pretty their staging was. A very amazing and a very good alternative to Adele.

Foals were my highlight. So slick, so loud, so damn good. Seeing them live is the reason why they are my favourite band. No, I didn’t see Coldplay. I saw Earth, Wind and Fire instead, yes they were AMAZING. I also recommend, Of Monsters and Men, Half Moon Run, Muse, Fatboy Slim, Bears Den, Madness, Two Door Cinema Club,  James and Tom Odell.

Contrary to this photo set, I went to other stages to see bands…. Honestly.


Food diary is as follows:

Bacon and Basil Mac n Cheese, Grilled cheese and bacon sandwich (there’s a theme), bacon bagel (yep, theme), chips, Veggie breakfast bowl, marmite and cheese pimped fries, fried halloumi and salad, toast and honey, sausage sandwich, crumpets with camembert and onion chutney, chicken noodles…. I walked 60 miles and 84,000 steps overall, it was fine….

  • Saturday night at the Park.

Any time spent at the Park (or Williams Green) is a major tick for me. Day or night, it’s my favourite place to hang out ever. This year we had deep chats, Bowie, lasers, gin, toast, palm trees and giggles.

  • Mud, glorious mud.

By no means a highlight, but it was there, all over everything and everyone…


  • HOW good am I at taking photos?

I mean really. Someone get me a professional job in this field.

Finally… these guys ❤

Estelle, Jen, Anna, Callum, Tom, Ross and Emma – thanks for making Glasto 2016 memorable!

I could carry on forever, but I think here is a good place to leave it. I’ve wanged on enough for it to be borderline smug. I will say this though, everyone needs to try this festival at least once!



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