Here’s to 28…

This time last week, I was sat in a field watching a cricket match all in the name for work and charity. Thoughts of the impending 2-8 the following day were swallowed up by family, cake, tea and ‘will we actually win this cricket match?’ (we didn’t). I’ll be the first to admit that actually, I wasn’t interested in my birthday and I wasn’t particularly impressed with being 28 – because, well by 28 I thought I’d have a hell of a lot more figured out by now. I don’t and I accept this as things take time and despite me acting like 28 is pretty much the end of the world, time is something that I do have an advantage with. On Monday, when I was woken up by the out of tune singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ by my parents I figured I may as well make the best of the bad thing, and it turned out to be one of the best birthday’s I have had in a long time.

I used to be so big on birthdays, love them, go all out in celebrating, as I’ve gotten regrettably older, not so much wiser and most definitely lethargic all I wanted to do was mark 28 quietly by spending the day with Mum, who’d just come back from 3 weeks in America before having a family dinner in the evening. Work is currently beyond all expectations of busy, so I felt my birthday was just another event to overcome to get to the next, but I’m glad that I allowed myself to be snapped out of my cloud of doom!

The day started with coffee, of course! before boarding the train to Bath and heading straight into Bills for a hearty breakfast. Mum ordered us bellinis to accompany breakfast and had to justify to the waiter exactly why we were ordering cocktails at 10am on a Monday. He was thrilled! another September baby just like him and off he toddled and came back with our cocktails and a beautifully wrapped small token of birthday kindness of their own Earl Grey chocolate! Amazing – if a stranger can show a random act of birthday kindness I can at least get over myself and snap out of the ’28 gloom’ so I stuffed my little fat face with all the bacon and waddled to the spa!

     (My beautifully wrapped gift, the earl grey chocolate, breakfast bellinis, and a hearty breakfast)

I’ve been to the Thermae Bath Spa countless times, in the week, at the weekend in both peak and off peak times and I’m still not bored of it. The treatments are on the pricier side, but with two pools and four steam rooms, for your two hour stint you’re more than entertained. I’d also never been with Mum, who’d actually never been to the Thermae Spa so to share the day and experience with her was so special and just really nice. Especially as she was fighting jetleg! So we wallowed around the pools on our pool noodles and put the world to rights and caught up on pre holiday news. Which was just lovely. Once our two hour stint was up we hit the shops for a mini spree of jumpers and boots as I am a firm believer in autumn and always convince myself that my birthday ‘falls in fall’ despite the temperature being 28 degrees out before heading home for tea and birthday cake!

I must add, the promo guys giving out free Oreos added to the day…

(my cocktail buddy, the birthday girl! and me being the best company for both my parents pre- dinner… what a way to make a girl feel loved!)

I’ll focus more on Kenzo 72 in an upcoming post, but it was, until Monday one of few restaurants in Swindon that I’d not been too, I don’t even know how long it’s been there, but it’s a vibrant mix of Chinese and American food, serving dishes from steaks to sweet and sour chicken to a mixed tapas and not the kind of tapas with potatas bravas! We all took a risk by going here as we’d not known many people who had visited and I’m glad we did as it was very much up there in the best meals I have ever had! I’m definitely coming back again. A lovely dinner followed by a swift Bedrock gin in our local definitely finished off a really nice, chilled out and family orientated birthday!

(the world’s strongest cocktails, Bedrock gin, Chinese tapas, drinks with Dad and Mum)

As previously mentioned, my birthday grump was very apparent and my friends took it upon themselves to shake me out of it and organised a meal in Bath – because where else is there to go?! – for us all to have a chance to catch up and to celebrate properly! Again, I’m going to expand on the meal in another post. But Cau was chosen through TripAdvisor (good old TripAdvisor) as none of us had been there before and it was lush! We stayed for three hours drinking, eating really good food and having a right old natter. It’s very important to me that my friends, regardless of whether we have been friends for years and all hang out, or new friends that haven’t really met the extended group yet mix together, so my extended group and my friend Emma who I am off to Corfu with in threeeee weeks all ventured to the cobbles and back streets of Bath for good steak, cocktails and churros! I can’t explain how nice it was, but to have most of the people I speak to on a daily basis all round one table was pretty special and I’m pleased we all went out on a rowdy Saturday night in Bath. That, coupled with a cocktail and wine fuelled catch up with my two of my work friends which kickstarted my weekend, made for a nice way to start being 28.

                             (Wine and cocktails, AKA for life and feeling gin-spired?!)

               (me and my ‘little sister’ the gorgeous Emily, and complimentary birthday prosecco!)

(best friend giggles, group table love) 

  (birthday churros!)

So nearly a week on, I’m sat on my sofa enjoying a duvet day wrapped in my mermaid blanket (which was a great present from my friend Louise) fighting a poorly timed sore throat and croaky voice. Despite ending the week feeling pretty rubbish, I’m beyond chuffed with how 28 is turning out to be so far, I mean it’s early days so you know this time next week I could say something completely different! (hopefully with more of a voice) but approaching 28 with my typical cynicism and negativity, I’ve been truly surprised. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my loved ones and some of my favourite people. I have been very spoilt and I still have gifts to come, which is very kind. I’ve chilled right out, which is why my voice has disappeared on me but do you know what? It’s all about taking it easy in your old age!

28, I think we’ll be just fine.





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