Birthday Dinner at Kenzo 72

A few months ago, I was wandering around Old Town with my mum one Sunday morning when I happened to glance upon the menu for Kenzo 72. I hadn’t been there and if I’m honest, hadn’t paid much attention to the restaurant opening! A glance at the menu, with it’s chinese fusion food and steak options as well as tapas… chinese tapas! stuck in my head and I decided that maybe I should go here for birthday eats.

I saw a friend had posted on Instagram a week prior about going for their birthday and after a quick message and a glowing recommendation my mind was made. Kenzo 72 is nestled in the part of Old Town just off Wood Street, where the Co-op is. In fact, Kenzo is where the Spot used to be, so if you find dining in a place where you previous have spent many a drunken evening very odd, then I’d avoid, but I’d also judge you for that decision because the food here is so, so incredible – you’d be doing yourself an injustice by being so shallow!

Swindon has been home to many a successful and nice chinese, nowadays it’s kind of hard to find a decent takeaway let alone a sit down restaurant. So with the knowledge that the previous owners of New World now owned Kenzo 72, I knew I’d be in for a good night of food.

You come into a dimly lit but, for a Monday, busy restaurant, shown to your table and offered the drinks menu and given some prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip, which is basically kryptonite for me.. having a look through the menu, the prices are very reasonable for a nice dinner and opted for tapas between the three of us. Chinese tapas is incredible, I shan’t lie – now I am a huge, huge fan of tapas in it’s Spanish and true form, but now I may be swayed to chinese style tapas.. because my god. They are so so good. We ordered:

  • Crispy King Prawns Deep Fried in Katifi Pastry
  • Supreme Crispy Duck Spring Roll
  • Madam Lau`s famous Coca Cola Chicken Wings
  • Sticky Twice Cooked Farm House Ribs
  • Pan Fried Halloumi Cheese
  • Dynamic Beef Skewers
  • Aubergine Fries

Which between three may seem like a lot, but the food was melt in the mouth, fall of the bone, light and just completely delicious. Truly tasty! I’ve heard a lot about the steaks that you can cook on the hot rocks too, which if I end up coming back – which I will – will be what I’m going to try next. All in all our bill was about £60 for 7 dishes, 2 glasses of wine and 2 cocktails. So pretty reasonable. We were too full for desserts, due to our glutton with the tapas but it was totally, totally worth it! I highly recommend these dishes too, as I really cannot pick a favourite out of them all.




The cocktails are pretty tasty too, though a tad too strong for me and a Monday visit, though I would try a different one and maybe visit at the latter part of the week! I had a watermelon margarita and Mum opted for mint julip. Top marks all round.

I definitely am pleased I took a risk which paid off here, I do think this was up there in the best meals I have ever eaten and definitely worth the birthday trip!

Has anyone been? what have you tried?





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