Dinner at Cau, Bath

Despite proactively complaining and being against turning 28, and I really truly was, I somehow ended up going out twice for birthday dinner. I’m very lucky and very spoiled and the two meals I did eat were absolutely incredible.

I’d never really heard of Cau before, it’s hidden away in the square of restaurants in Milsom Place in Bath and rightly so, as for a chain it’s certainly a gem! After hunting it down (it maybe a hidden gem, but it’s certainly hidden to those unfamiliar with hidden gems of Bath) we all traipsed in and were greeted by a smiling waitress complimenting us all on our lovely outfits! Exactly how you want to start a meal! Plus I’m a sucker for dressing up and as it’s *my* birthday, everyone shall and will, follow suit!

I can’t remember if it was me informing the waiter or it was my friends, but either way – there was a complimentary glass of prosecco in my hand as I was sitting down and to be honest, the whole meal could have been terrible, but I, I was happy.

The prosecco itself was gorgeous and called Belstar *makes mental note to hunt it down*

For a large table of eight people who are all very, in a word – fussy. We all opted for the breads and hummus and flatbreads to start. Two between four, which went down very well and for £7ish for the two, was pretty reasonable!

We all opted pretty much for the same sort of things (so we’re either fussy or predictable?!) with half of us opting for the Tapa De Cuadril steak at £14.95. The steak is served with fries or a sweet potato or salad and you can add a sauce for £1.25-£1.50ish. The other half opted for the Latin and the Cheese and Bacon Burgers and Pork Belly. All of the dishes looked incredible and the steak was amazing.

We also followed dinner with churros or pancakes,  because we’re piggies and the food was just so, so good to not have pudding! AND my churros were served with a candle!

We were there for 3 hours, with copious cocktails made of gin.. naturally, a milkshake, a great catch up with friends and amazing food! Nothing was too much trouble with the staff and we didn’t feel rushed for a Saturday night! It was about £230 for us all, which for a three course meal and drinks is good. Especially with 8 people!


I’d definitely come back!




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