Hamper season has started…

I currently have 47 jars of jam or chutney in my fridge, and it’s not going to stop there either… there is more red onion chutney to make as I feel i have just made the best red onion chutney in my life and it only made three jars… three jars! I spent an hour crying over chopped red onions and a further hour of the chutney simmering, which practically made me blind, to discover I had made a delicious chutney and it fitted in three jars! sob.

So next weekend, it’s final chutney time – just in time with my date with Tom Odell and his glorious voice. I’ll shower beforehand so I don’t smell too oniony! We also have a tonne of tomatoes we grew in the summer that need using, now we’re well into soup season – I feel salads aren’t quite cutting it, so tomato chutney it is! Why not soup? well, I can’t quite grasp homemade soup just yet.

It’s pretty well documented that I do hampers every year for Christmas for family and friends and every year, I try to mix things up with them and still stick with the classics I make every year.

This year I have added pear, apple and cinnamon chutney to the mix, which is a new recipe – it sounds sweet, but it’s actually savory! with mustard and lots of cider vinegar in it. The house smells divine, but due to a bottle of cider vinegar smashing, I do not smell as divine as my chutney! I have also added plum, nectarine and lemon jam. Which looked, tasted and smelled utterly heavenly. I found a spare jar… so it looks like I have some too. Ohhh nooo. I also have apple and blackberry (picked from our hedgerows) and peach and vanilla.. yummy. I’ll blog the recipes soon. i’m just too excited about chutneys!



I’m looking forward to getting cracking with the rest of the hampers, sloe gin will be going in there, as will cheese, oils, hot chocolate and coated sweet nuts as the staples. But I might add some popcorn, take out the florentines and add some cookies into the mix. A few more weeks of planning and I think I’m there! Cannot wait, I adore this time of year.

Hopefully, I won’t blind myself next week with the onion chutney… but just in case…







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